Abbi Abrams
General Information
Gender Female
Age 26
Hair color brown
Eye color brown
Occupation(s) Cleaner at Soulstice (fitness studio)
Series Information
First episode What a Wonderful World
Portrayer Abbi Jacobson

Abbi Abrams is one of the main characters in Broad City (TV Series).

Bio Edit

Abbi is a cleaner at a fitness studio called Soulstice, but desperately wants to be a trainer, but the opportunities always elude her. Abbi's real dream is to become an artist. Her best friend is Ilana Wexler.

Abbi lives with her friend Melody (who never seems to be around), and Matty Bevers; Melody's boyfriend, who technically doesn't live there. She has a huge crush on her next door neighbor Jeremy Santos. She is the slightly more "responsible" one between the two main characters - always trying to balance being self-sufficient and a free spirit like Ilana.

Notable Quotes Edit

  • "You just pulled a bag of pot out of your vagina" (P*$$Y Weed)


  • Abbi's drunk alter ego is a charismatic, confident woman named Val.
  • Abbi has a lower-back tattoo of Oprah Winfrey's face (which she is shown getting in the fourth season).
  • If Abbi was a dog she'd be a slim pug.
  • Loves Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Has a picture of Oprah Winfrey on her wall


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