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General Information
Season 3
Episode 307
Release date March 30, 2016

Plot Summary[]


Abbi and Ilana continue to chat after farting on the toilet

The episode begins with Abbi & Ilana chatting while they are pooping on the toilet. They decide to post their apartments on a BnB listing website for the night before pausing before pausing the chat to fart. After finishing their poop and chat, their plan to camp out on the roof of Ilana's apartment building fails, so they decide to stay out and party all night until their guests leave in the morning. While out, Ilana seduces Blake Griffin and Abbi learns that her apartment was ransacked by her guest. Ilana and Blake get "creative" when they can't have intercourse due to the size of Blake's penis, while Abbi invites Trey to spend the night at her apartment so she'll feel safe. Abbi and Trey have sex for the first time, and the next day Abbi decides to hide the news from Ilana.

Guest Star: Blake Griffin