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General Information
Season 3
Episode 303
Release date March 2, 2016

Plot Summary[]

Deals! Deals! Deals! promotes Ilana, allowing her to run the company's social media accounts. Meanwhile, Abbi prepares for her first "Soulstice Games" since being promoted from cleaner to trainer, but worries her anger will get the best of her. Ilana leaves work to try and stop Abbi from competing, but Abbi knocks out Jemma with a Pugil stick and continues to pummel her face with it. Trey doesn't fire Abbi after assuming she started steroids after being promoted, saying most of the trainers there take them when they start. Later, Ilana is fired from Deals! Deals Deals! for tweeting a shock video containing bestiality. Guest Stars: Vanessa Williams, Whoopi Goldberg