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Ilana Wexler
General Information
Gender Female
Age 23
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Occupation(s) Sales rep at Deals Deals Deals

Bike Messenger Waitress Therapist

Series Information
First episode What a Wonderful World
Portrayer Ilana Glazer

Ilana Wexler is one of the main characters in Broad City.


Ilana Wexler is a free spirited 23 year old and Abbi Abrams' best friend on the show. She works unhappily as a sales rep at a firm called Deals Deals Deals and barely does anything while at work. She loves to smoke marijuana.

Ilana is non-committal to everything she does, and often sleeps around with men and women equally. The only constant aside from Abbi, is her relationship with dentist, Lincoln Rice. Lincoln wants Ilana to be his girlfriend but she tells him their relationship is purely physical. Despite that, she often shows emotion for him, becoming obviously upset when Lincoln tells Ilana he wants to be monogamous with another girl in Burning Bridges.

Ilana's parents Bobbie Wexler and Arthur Wexler make an appearance on the show. Their wackiness makes it easy to see where Ilana's personality comes from.

Notable Quotes[]

“Peena-Vageena.” “YAS Queen!” “BIH... you’re 22.” “You’re my pretty little liar and that’s the truth.”


  • Ilana's last name, Wexler, is actress Ilana Glazer's mother's maiden name.
  • Ilana is bi, as she told Lincoln after finding out he had hooked up with another girl.
  • In "Last Supper" it is revealed that Ilana is allergic to shellfish, and in "St. Mark's" that she takes antidepressants.