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Jeremy Santos is a supporting character in Broad City.

Jeremy Santos
General Information
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Occupation(s) unknown
Series Information
First episode What a Wonderful World
Portrayer Stephen Schneider


Jeremy is Abbi's neighbor. She has a huge crush on him and can't speak when he is around, often reduced to a mumbling mess when she tries to talk to him. Many episodes consist of Abbi fantasizing about Jeremy, and viewing him through her crush fueled rose colored glasses. As a result, what we see of him in season one is that he is a dreamy, romantic, rugged guy who is handy, cooks and is a world traveler.

When Abbi and Jeremy finally hook up on the second season on "Knockoffs", we get to see a more real and intimate side of Jeremy when it is revealed that he likes to be "pegged". This puts Abbi in an awkward sexual situation. Later, when she washes the custom dildo in the dishwasher, breaks it and tries to replace it with a shop bought one, he rejects it and she sees Jeremy's snobby side - thus crushing her fantasy of him and ending her long time crush on her next door neighbor.

Notable Quotes[]

“Right in the butt”


  • Jeremy has a thing for kimonos.
  • Jeremy has a thing for artisan goods.
  • Jeremy likes to cook
  • Jeremy has a strap on that is he had "customized" for his body