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Matt Bevers
Gembers Cropped
General Information
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue?
Occupation(s) unknown
Series Information
First episode What a Wonderful World
Portrayer John Gemberling

Matt Bevers is one of the main characters on Broad City.


Matt Bevers, who usually goes by his last name, is Abbi's roommate's boyfriend. Her roommate never appears on the show (photos of the two of them in their apartment show her face covered up), but it is implied that she is very attractive. Bevers lives at their apartment full-time despite not paying any rent.

In general, Bevers' character is loveable but yet meant to gross people out. A few things he has done includes:

  • taking a poop in his sister's shoe
  • masturbating in Abbi's living room
  • eating ice cream naked on Abbi's bed while she is not home

Notable Quotes[]

  • "I like to call it jazz because it comes out of my horn, and you never know where it's gonna go."


  • Thinks he might be lactose intolerant when he clogs the toilet in "What a Wonderful World"
  • He jerks off to Julianna Margulies