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Weed Kween

General Information
Season 3
Episode 304
Release date March 9, 2016

Plot Summary[]

After Ilana and Jaime spend all their rent money on an exterminator, they decide to throw a party and charge a cover fee in order to make back their money. Abbi joins Tinder after Trey drunkenly attempts to kiss her at the Summer Solstice Soulstice Party. Their party becomes a success when Jaimé convinces Abbi to invite a bunch of guys from Tinder, but she ends up spending the whole night tracking down the rat in her apartment that the exterminator failed to kill. Lots of ugly dudes show up to the party as Abbi didn't realize she had the option to "Swipe Left" and ignore guys. Trey flirts with Abbi through text and Abbi hides it from Ilana. Ilana ends her hunt for the rat when she realizes the rat is pregnant. Guest Star: Eugene Mirman