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Two Chainz
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General Information
Season 3
Episode 301
Release date February 17, 2014

Plot Summary[]

When Ilana arrives at brunch with Abbi, she drops the key to her bike lock down a sewer grate. When attempting to reach the key, Abbi ruins her top, so Abbi & Ilana must go to a hostile pop-up shop before they go to Abbi's college roommate Max's gallery opening. While trying on a new top, Abbi's old top is stolen, forcing her to buy the new top. After they leave, Abbi realizes the security tag wasn't taken off the top, but when they return to remove it, the store is no longer there. Later at the gallery, Ilana attempts to remove the security tag with her teeth and ink shoots onto Max's painting. Abbi and Ilana are then thrown out. Guest Stars: Emily Meade, Har Mar Superstar